Rehabilitation and running re-education provided by medically trained professionals.


Welcome to The Run and Rehab Clinic. At the centre of what we do is movement re-education, re-patterning and rehabilitation from injury. Research shows that running, walking and multidirectional agility can be taught by hard wiring movement patterns in the neural network of the brain to anyone at any age.

So if you are returning from injury or surgery or you want to improve your movement, speed and agility or you think your running or walking pattern is causing your pain we have a range of ways to help you.

Whether it is a child or adult who needs help with their movement; someone who is recovering from injury/surgery or simply runners who want to get faster without the risk of injury, our consultants and coaches are uniquely qualified to combine both Medical know-how and experience with advice and training for everyone from 7-97 years old.


Biomechanical analysis of running technique & movement

Getting pain or niggles when you run?
Want to run more efficiently and faster?
Returning from injury or starting running for the first time?

This is the starting point for many of our clients who want to improve their running or walking technique. This can be a package which includes: a detailed slow motion video biomechanical analysis of running technique & movement/strength screening and then between three and five coaching sessions, depending on your assessment and needs. 

At the end of your sessions we provide you with ‘before’ and ‘after video clips of your running style so you can see how much you have improved and use the clips to keep you on track!  If you need 6 sessions we recommend that these sessions be completed in 10 weeks, with the first 3 sessions completed in the first 2 weeks. This way we can check how you are doing and make sure the changes you are making are moving you in the right direction.

Most clients come back for a check up now and again to make sure they are moving well and are on track for their next goal.


Developing movement literacy, balance and plyometric ability

Move faster and with more fluidity…
Cut and turn quicker on the move…
Improve your co-ordination for all ball sports…

Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) is a leading training methodology that helps to refine and improve gross motor skills. Its benefits include development of movement, balance and coordination in children and adults; and improvement in speed, agility, explosive power and turning ability in athletes or all ages and types.

The DMS Methodology has been developed over the past 20 years, and is used by us in rehab to help develop movement literacy, balance and plyometric ability. We teach this methodology individually and in class based settings to improve movement and co-ordination. It applies equally to those children who are struggling to get involved in mainstream sport up or have movement difficulties to those who want to get to a very high level of sporting functionality.

Demos on the system and how it could integrate into your club or school are available, just contact us for details.


Analysis and coaching techniques that enable experienced athletes to improve speed and reduce injury

Improve your PB times…
Develop explosive power…
Prevent injury at higher speeds…

For many athletes who are striving to run faster two of the main factors that prevent season on season improvement to PBs are poor running technique and the disruptive effect of injury. The Running and Rehab Clinic provides analysis and coaching techniques that enable experienced athletes to run in a more efficient manner thus both improving speed and reducing the likelihood of injury at that higher speed. This work is a supplement to, and can be incorporated within, an existing training plan.

We start with a detailed chat and then video biomechanical analysis of running technique & your movement screening. We then discuss your cross training strength programme and progress to our treadmill based running programme which will help you to develop your straight line speed and explosiveness. We will also develop your rotational core strength through exercises that we do both in the clinic and give to you as homework. This enables you to stay strong and prevent injury.


Walking biomechanical analysis with movement screening and a coaching and exercise programme

Are you limping?
Is walking any distance pain-free difficult?
Do you want to start walking to keep fit?

Are you having issues with walking such as limping, having unusual walking patterns or have difficulties walking any distance pain free. This package is made up of two sessions, which include a detailed biomechanical analysis of walking gait along with movement screening and a coaching and exercise program to improve the walking experience. This is ideal if you have had surgery or injury in the lower limb or spine area, helping you to recover so that you can walk for fitness or simply start to enjoy your walking again.