Biomechanical and Movement Analysis – £35

Video Analysis of Running Technique and a Movement Screening test to identify weaknesses and movement deficiencies.

This is the starting point for many of our clients who want to improve their technique. This is normally a treadmill based session and involves a biomechanical analysis of running technique, shot from different angles & movement screening which lasts about 30 minutes. We will then recommend what you will need to move forward with your treatment.

Adult Running Technique Coaching - 6 sessions £290

This is the main service for many of our clients who want to improve their technique.

This package includes: a detailed video biomechanical analysis of running technique & movement screening, five coaching sessions, (this includes beginner and intermediate running programmes and a strength programme as home work). At the end of your six sessions we provide you with "before" and "after" clips of your running style so you can see how much you have improved and use the clips to keep on track!

We recommend that these sessions are completed in 10 weeks, with the first 3 sessions completed in the first 2 weeks.

We encourage you to come back and have a quick check up now and again to make sure your staying on track.

Running School for Kids – 6 sessions £290

When working with children we look at their individual needs and based on their age, ability and goals, we tailor the sessions to suit and of course what they are going to enjoy the most.

The sessions include: work to improve running technique, Dynamic Movement Skills (to work on agility and coordination) balance and strength work.

We will then progress (particularly in our 12 session package) to improve speed and quick feet specific to the sport(s) they play, improving confidence and performance.

Individual sessions can also be organised, if on assessment by our team we feel they need some tweaks to their technique.

Walking For Rehab & Fitness - 2 sessions £100

This is the starting point for many of our clients who may present with issues when walking; such as limping, having unusual walking patterns or who have difficulties walking long and short distances.

This package is made up of two sessions, which include a detailed biomechanical analysis of walking gait along with movement screening and a coaching and exercise program to improve the walking experience. This is ideal if you have had surgery or injury in the lower limb or spine area, helping you to recover so you can walk for fitness or simply start to enjoy your walking again.

Individual Technique Sessions – £60

You can have individual sessions as frequently or as infrequently as you like following an initial course of treatment or instruction.

These sessions will focus on improving and maintaining technique, increasing running conditioning and a new strength programme and ideas which when implemented continue to prevent injury.

Rehabilitation sessions for all ages- £50 for one hour/ £25 for 30 minutes

Our expertly trained rehab staff delivers and monitors your progress through Rehab for a wide variety of injuries/illness and post surgery recovery.

Working with our physiotherapy team we ensure the best plans are put in place for enhanced recovery, and we provide the help and support and supervision to aid people of any age get back to well being and fitness. You will have a prescriptive plan designed for you to tackle your issues and speed you on the way to recovery. Team working is key to our great success in getting people well “Restore-Maintain and Enhance”.

Senior Movement and Falls prevention classes (£14 per session paid on a termly basis).

‘Senior Movement’ is a small group class specifically designed to help improve balance, coordination, reactions, movement and strength for better function in everyday activities.

Taught by our specialist rehab therapist, the small class size of only 6 ensures that there is individual attention. Exercises are very varied, with the emphasis on improvement for activities in daily life such as walking with confidence, managing steps, kerbs, uneven surfaces and heavy doors, housework and shopping. All exercises are taught either seated or standing. There is no work on the floor.