FAQs: Is the Running + Rehab Clinic the right choice for me?

Shouldn’t we already know how to run?

“Running is simple, but it’s not easy!”

Running is a cross lateral movement. We learn cross lateral movements from a young age when we begin to crawl; this progresses onto walking and then running. Running technique however is rarely addressed. Yes, running is simple but it is not always as easy as placing one foot in front of the other.

Running technique is rarely taught and, along with, previous injuries, poor pattern development or movement restrictions it can lead to inefficient biomechanics. This could ultimately lead to injury or inefficient technique inhibiting performance.

As an experienced athlete already what can the Run+Rehab Clinic do for me ?

Nobody is perfect! We have worked with athletes of all abilities. The gains in PBs for more experienced athletes are inevitably going to be relatively smaller than those for a beginner but as experienced athletes know even small gains can still make the difference between getting on the podium or not. More importantly even for those currently injury free the comprehensive screening undertaken reduces the possibility of injury later in your career particularly if you are considering changing your training regime (e.g. increasing distance).

What should I wear? 

Running gear and good running shoes are a must and bring a bottle of water too!

I’ve had a longstanding injury which reoccurs when I start running training again. How can Run+Rehab help?

Inefficient running biomechanics can increase the risk of injury. If your running biomechanics is placing specific stresses onto certain areas of your body if this is not addressed then it could potentially be a causing factor as to why the injury keeps returning.


Are all the sessions treadmill based?

The majority of the sessions are based on the treadmill, but not all. This allows focused learning to the technique and allows you to get the best out of your sessions. We do however go outside on both road and grass at the end of certain sessions to see the technique. The technique transfers well to outside and the sessions include different speeds and incline, which challenges each individual.

A Movement screen can be done on the 1st training sessions to check any specific areas of weakness are also identified, which helps to build an individual strength programme in which works alongside the six-week programme.

What is the role of the exercises in the sessions?

A strength screening is carried out on your 1st real session and your exercises will be an individually designed prescriptive programme to target your problem areas.

I only need rehab - does the Run+Rehab provide this?

YES!  As well as running we do rehab for all ages and all conditions, just to get you fit for life and recovery after injury and surgery.

Is it possible to change technique?

Of course! Whether you’re a complete beginner or elite athlete technique can be changed. As with any other skills, running technique can be taught at any age.

There a number of different running and muscle activation exercises which are given throughout the programme to ensure the technique taught becomes part of your revised movement pattern. By applying these during the sessions and during your own practice, you will see your technique progress through the course.

Is it hard work?

It is pitched at the right level for you. Everyone has a different level of fitness, so we make sure that you learn the new technique and strengthen up, but it will be paced correctly for this to occur.