Eh? Where am I?

You have landed here because you were looking for Running School Kent. Don’t worry you are in the right place! The reason why you have not ended up on our old website is that, after 5 successful years known as The Running School Kent, we are having a brand change.
We are now be known as the Run + Rehab Clinic.

Why have you changed your brand?

Over the last few years we have been seeing more and more rehab patients so we wanted to create a brand that better reflected the true nature of what we do to help you all. The Run + Rehab Clinic better reflects our activities and ideals.

Why Rehab?

We work very closely with the physiotherapy team at Manor Clinic who send many patients for more exercise rehab, whether that be 1-1 rehab sessions in our gym for those recovering from injury or classes such as our Hip and Knee Class and our Senior Movement Class to assist mobility. Whether you’re 7 or 97, we have services to suit people of all ages.

Will I still be able to access those services I have used before?

Of course! The Running side of the clinic will remain the same and we will continue to help many more runners improve their technique, speed and strength. However we aren’t just for runners either! We have seen an increase in those playing football, rugby and hockey wanting to become better in their sport starting at the basics with their running technique, and developing their speed and agility within their game.

We hope you enjoy our new site and please email us with any suggestions. Thanks!