Biomechanical analysis of running technique & movement

Getting pain or niggles when you run?
Want to run more efficiently and faster?
Returning from injury or starting running for the first time?

This is the starting point for many of our clients who want to improve their running or walking technique. This can be a package which includes: a detailed slow motion video biomechanical analysis of running technique & movement/strength screening and then between three and five coaching sessions, depending on your assessment and needs. 

At the end of your sessions we provide you with ‘before’ and ‘after video clips of your running style so you can see how much you have improved and use the clips to keep you on track!  If you need 6 sessions we recommend that these sessions be completed in 10 weeks, with the first 3 sessions completed in the first 2 weeks. This way we can check how you are doing and make sure the changes you are making are moving you in the right direction.

Most clients come back for a check up now and again to make sure they are moving well and are on track for their next goal.